Academic Relevance
(i) In order to meet relevant demands for the multidisciplinary training of Human Resources, it is evident that the team’s study may present subjects that are strongly linked to the training of professionals in strategic areas for the country, especially in the disciplines of Agrarian, Biological and related Sciences, which are available from CNPq and CAPES; (ii) Direct contact with agricultural production areas and direct application of theoretical contents to economic productivity; (iii) Planning and execution of laboratory and/or field experiments and training in technical-scientific writing.

Social Relevance
(i) Interaction between Graduate School (college) students and the resident Community (neighbouring cities) around the Lagoa do Sino campus, especially students from local Public High Schools; (ii) Opportunity to reveal young talents in teaching, research and extension in both college and high school; (iii) Dissemination and popularisation of science and/or research at local, regional and national levels.

(i) Improvement of public presentation techniques in Plant Physiology and Botany; (ii) Discussion of articles and scientific reviews; (iii) Strengthening the Teaching, Research and Extension of the team’s study members and specifically enhancing studies of Scientific Initiation and University Extension; (iv) General instructions on good laboratory practices in Plant Physiology and Botany; (v) Interdisciplinarity between different research areas; (vi) Interpretation and discussion of scientific articles on Plant Physiology and Botany; (vii) Training in bibliographic surveys on subjects/research topics in Plant Physiology and Botany.

Cordial greetings,
PExFisio Team